Arabic is easy Level 1 Volume 2

Arabic is easy Level 1 Volume 2

This volume will enable you to master the rules of reading and writing, to acquire essential vocabulary and to express yourself orally.

 For schools, autodidacts and families.

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Finally a complete Arabic method for English speakers !

Its advantages

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Progressive
  • Structured
  • Intuitive
  • Translated word to word
  • Fully vocalized
  • Cheerful, colorful and airy


In order to be able to read, write and express oneself in literary Arabic, here is a complete method on seven levels. 

The first level is divided into two volumes: 

Volume 1:

Learn to read and write. 

Volume 2: 

Master the rules of reading and writing, acquire the basics of Arabic vocabulary and be able to formulate your first common expressions. 

This second volume consists of six progressive sections whose objectives are as follows: 

Section 1: Rules of reading and writing 

The rules of reading and writing, with practical exercises and training in reading. With corrections. 

Rules: The Alif in all its forms, the Hamza, reading a letter followed by a stop, the letters which do not attach, attachment of the letters, the Alif which bears the sign of wasl, the Lam followed by Alif , the double-vowels, the lengthening with the small sign of Alif, the open t (mabsouta) and the closed t (marbouta), the h and its transformations, the names of the letters, the names of the vowels, and finally, the lunar and solar letters. 

Section 2: Reading Progressive Phrases

60 sentences under a large and airy handwriting. They allow progressive training in reading. These sentences follow a progression ranging from 2 words to 4 words, and short vowels to all vowels. The sentences are accompanied by a word-for-word translation and an adapted translation, in order to learn the structures of the Arabic language. 

Section 3: Thematic Vocabulary (210 words): 

Themes: Colors. Numbers from 0 to 20. Office supplies. The House. The furniture. The utensils to eat. Food. The drinks. etc. 

Section 4 : Expressions of daily life 

Action – Reactions and Affirmations – Answers: Greetings at different times of the day. Welcome. To present oneself. etc. 

Section 5: Poetry

A simple poem, with useful vocabulary. 

Accompanied by an adapted translation and a word-by-word translation.


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